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What can I/we expect from a Stucco /or EIFS Inspection? The inspection is as described on the Services page, can be a non-invasive visual or an invasive inspection of system and includes:

*EIFS: Exterior Insulation & Finish System

**WRB: Weather Resistive Barrier

***AWCI: Association of the Wall & Ceiling Industry 

Note: If system is not functioning as intended a specialist will be

referred for corrections.  


Thermal Imaging Interior Surfaces

Probe with Moisture Meter all exterior wall outlets

Probe with Moisture Meter isolated locations if *EIFS

Check moisture intrusion at all openings

Check all base of wall locations for proper termination

Check system failures​ (i.e. separation/severe cracking)

Check presence of flashing, **WRB & proper details

Inspection completed per ***AWCI

Invasive inspection does not include repairs

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