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Okay, you have made a conscious effort to minimize the carbon footprint by making a sound investment in the latest Photovoltaic Solar technology. Much like any tangible investment, your home for example, you want to take care of it and ensure it last for many years to come. Allow SIC to help with taking care of your investment with an annual, or bi-annual, cleaning and inspection. See the advantages below..
  • Improve Efficiency
    Depending on location, the efficiency can decrease by up to 20% on your array (panels)

  • Warranty
    Most manufacturers warranties have a condition tied to them, maintenance and cleaning are one of the conditions

  • Rainwater does not clean
    Ever noticed the windshield of your vehicle after a rain? Difficult to see through the spots, right? That's accumulated grime.

  • Aesthetics
    Clean panels make your home or business look so much better

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