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We will be happy to speak /or meet with you to ensure we are available for assistance. Please review the following to identify your needs. For those not familiar with the services SIC provides, please see below...

Note: If SIC cannot provide a requested service, we'll do our best to point you in the right direction to ensure your needs are taken care of.  

A Commercial Inspection would normally entail an onsite inspection of the structure, MEP systems and exterior envelope. Sometimes this could include the interior as well depending on jurisdiction. Inspections are detailed as to specific condition of items sampled. Phase Inspections are typical for new construction and part of our services. 

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Photovoltaic Solar Inspections are typically performed through post construction depending; electrical inspector for municipality will perform initial install inspection (SIC is on the approved list for this). Inspections on existing systems packaged with sale of home, building or solar farm can ensure the solar system is operating as intended and mounting to structure is adequate. A periodic inspection and cleaning are also beneficial, suggest annually. 

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PV Solar Inspector  082118-022489

EIFS/Stucco Inspections can be performed through pre or post construction depending on the circumstance. Recommendation is pre-construction, and during install, to ensure the correct details are adhered to. For post construction there are both non-invasive visual and moisture testing. Pre/Post construction would entail an inspection of the whole building exterior. A final report is given to the client and all parties involved.  

CE Inspector AWCI 1129912

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